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Fringford ~ Saturday coming

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MEDIEVAL MAGIC AT VILLAGE FAYREATTRACTIONS: Members of the Lion Rampant re-enactment group which will attend the medieval fayre
VISITORS to Fringford next weekend will find themselves in the midst of a spectacular medieval wedding party.
Resident Katheryn Vile is to marry Jim Walker from Brackley on Saturday, June 18, in a reconstruction of a medieval wedding, which will combine with the village's annual fair.
Miss Vile said: "I have been very busy with my wedding preparations, researching our two family coats of arms, growing authentic flowers for my bouquet and designing my dress in medieval style."
The couple will marry in the village church in medieval costume, and will attend the fair after a private reception.
During the fair, a troupe of around 30 medieval players will entertain the crowd with displays of archery and medieval music, as well as juggling with knives and fire. Knights in full armour will also battle it out in a combat tournament.
Miss Vile added: "Holding the tournament in the village is wonderful and I am very pleased to be able to share the experience with everyone."
Villagers staffing the many other sideshows and attractions will be in costume, and other medieval activities and exhibits could include the arming of a knight, the dressing of a lady, acting and dancing. Refreshments on offer will include roast pig and a selection of ales, as well as fare for more modern palates.
Organiser Anthony Flack said: "This is such a lovely occasion for all the village organisations to get together and put on our best village fair yet."
The WI will provide produce and craft stalls, while the village school and playgroup will run children's games and activities.
The fun starts in Fringford at 11am with a parade of children in costume, while the fair will open at 11.30am on the village green. Tickets cost £5 for adults or £12 for a family, with free parking available in the village.
09 June 2005 
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